Joey, soap box driver
Ref: 4208
Series: The Joey Books - Robert Martin - book 11 of 19
Published: 1958
Publisher: Nelson

First Edition

Films of Joey, soap box driver

1958Soapbox Derby Parental guidance 7.5

Children's drama. Two rival children's gangs in London decide to hold a soapbox derby. The Battersea Bats are rumoured to have a new design so the Victoria Victors set out to steal it. The plan things to make it look like it was one of the Bats who stole the cart. Watch out for a very young 'Michael Crawford' in his first screen appearance.

64mDirector: Darcy ConyersWriter: Darcy Conyers, Robert Martin (story)Actors: Michael Crawford, Keith Davis, Roy Townsend, Alan ColeshillLanguage: EnglishGenre: Comedy, Drama, FamilyFormat: movieUK